Do you know about heat-storage wood burning stoves?

The Ecco Stove is a hybrid combining both masonry heater and wood burning stove technology to create the best of both.

Utilising the Natural Heat release from the Silicon Carbide body the Ecco Stove can heat a much larger area than a traditional metal stove without overheating the initial room.

No radiators or electrical connection are required making it a fantastic, clean, off grid alternative to other heating options.

With up to 93% efficiency , the Ecco Stove has passed some of the toughest testing In Europe for wood fired stoves with Eco Design ready 2022 models for the environmentally conscious.

Thermal Mass – Up to 12 hours of heat after the fire has gone out.
Weighing between 270-800kg the Ecco Stoves are thermal mass heaters operating rather like a storage heater. From as little as 7kg of fuel the Ecco Stove can provide up to 14 hours of warmth.

The Ecco Stove captures as much heat from the spent flue gases before they reach atmosphere. Temperatures in the flue can be as low as 110°c with an Ecco Stove compared to 350-450°c with traditional stoves.

There are several models to choose from offering different sizes and designs.

For more information visit Ecco stove or to see for yourself, why not make an appointment to visit our showroom to see our working model, the E678

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