Chimney Services

cameraSurveys & Inspections

We use state of the art CCTV technology comprising a Wohler Vis 2000 camera with a pan tilting head. This provides a colour image of all areas of the chimney or flue liner. Distance indicators allow easier location of any problem or damaged areas enabling a more precise external entry into the chimney to correct the problem. There is no need to provide scaffolding or other roof access; providing the appliance is correctly installed the camera can be inserted through the appliance. A written report, detailing internal construction, problem areas and any other relevant findings will follow the survey.
If the property is thatched then the condition of the flue relevant to Building Regulations will be itemised which is useful for ongoing or future reference.Prior to the survey it is highly recommended that the chimney is swept so that the structure is visible. This can be included with the survey (subject to location)


Chimney Sweeping

In addition to servicing and repairing your heating appliances, we also offer a chimney sweeping facility.
Please telephone us to arrange an appointment.
We recommend that your chimney is swept at least once per season for solid fuel and multi fuel appliances and once every five years for gas appliances.  Please remember unused chimneys attract spiders and their webs can effectively close off a flue.  If you wish to use a flue that has not been used for a period of 6 months, please arrange for it to be swept.
We provide certificates for chimney sweeping which can be used as proof of sweeping, you may be asked for copies in the event of any insurance or warranty claim.