Wood & Multi Fuel Stoves

Appliances for burning:
Wood, Smokeless Fuel, Compressed Logs & Peat

Whether you’re looking for multi-fuel stoves or a specific type of stove, you can find plenty of options at Heatcraft Aylsham Ltd. We proudly offer service to customers throughout the greater Norwich, Norfolk area. Our experts can help you choose the right stove and fuel for your needs and budget.

Why Choose a Wood Burning Stove?

  • Stylish – With a variety of styles to choose from, a wood burning stove can fit in with any décor!
  • Eco-Friendly – Most energy companies provide electricity using resources such as oil or coal. Wood is a renewable resource that only releases a small amount of smoke when burned.
  • Cut Energy Costs – During the winter months, you can decrease your energy bill by using your wood burning stove for heat! Modern stoves are efficient and can quickly warm any space.
  • Can Provide a Cooking Surface – If the event your home experiences a black out during a winter storm, a wood burning stove can provide a cooking surface and keep your home toasty warm. If you’re interested in cooking with your stove, please let our associates know when you visit our store!

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