At Wildfire we believe in attention to detail and design right first time. Our products spend months, and sometimes years, in our R&D facility to put everything to the test. In today’s society of ‘must have it now’ we take a step back and take the time to focus on reliability, consumers needs, ease of installation for the gas installer, innovative design and high level build quality.


Product Description

Wildfire products are always different. We strive to improve what is already there, and to develop what is not. Take the HE900 & HE950 products as prime examples, the only products in the UK to allow a large format gas fire to be installed into any precast flue and providing a conventional fireplace solution. Three years of intense development has delivered ground breaking technology and created a stunning fireplace solution.

Wildfire gas appliances are all designed using state of the art 3D computer design systems to guarantee precision and enable full manipulation of the product and its’ sub components. This helps to validate the design and highlight any problems with design quality.

Wildfire products are manufactured using our own precision tooling in conjunction with the latest technology equipment. All of our components are 100% quality checked prior to assembly, and our manufactured products undergo rigorous audit and inspection procedures. All of this is to ensure that our customers receive the high quality products they expect.

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