Using only the finest quality steel and the most innovative craftsmen and designers we’ve created
an industry lead

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Product Description

By combining an advanced air wash and tertiary air system within the combustion chamber to burn
off more pollutants, we have exceeded the Ecodesign Ready standard for ultra low emissions.
Our Phoenix Eco and Fireview Eco stoves also surpass the independent clearSkies emissions and energy
performance certification scheme. clearSkies Level 5 is the highest level to exceed the Ecodesign standards
and all Woodwarm Eco Stoves meet this criteria. All are suitable for use in smokeless areas.
Our Eco Convector Stoves come into their own where distances from combustibles are a concern. With an
integral heatshield incorporated in their design, they have a greater capacity for use where conventional
stoves cannot be installed.
We hope you enjoy our Eco Stoves with the added comfort that each comes with a 10 year guarantee.*