Termatech TT20 Streamline R

Termatech TT20 Streamline R


Unique operational comfort, with high product quality and the best value for your money.

TermaTech TT20 is a range of stoves that combine the best operational comfort, with high product quality and sleek Scandinavian design.

And then there is the price. We have designed the TT20 to be a real ‘people’s stove’ one of the most popular stoves on the market for the price. Naturally the stoves fulfil the latest and most stringent European requirements: the efficiency is even above 83%.

Seven models – all designed with care and manufactured out of high quality materials. Regardless of the model you choose, you can be sure of solid construction and well thought out design.


Choose between straight or rounded steel sides, alternatively soapstone covering with straight or round sides. The soapstone can even be fitted retrospectively for a new look.


It is easy to control the air for combustion. An air regulator, discretely placed under the cover does it all. You can connect fresh air/outdoor air directly to the combustion chamber on the TT20, which may be necessary in newly built or newly renovated homes.

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